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Technology Update

Not Your Father's Hearing Aid

Unlike hearing aids of 15-20 years ago, today's hearing aids are no longer analog but process sound digitally with very sophisticated computer-chip technology. If you have friends who have their hearing aids in a drawer, they are probably analog. Today's hearing aids are "SMART." They can read the environment and determine if you're in noise or in quiet, if the signal is speech or noise, if noise is in front or in back of you, and whether the sound is soft or loud. The aids then take that information and process it in a way that reduces background noise significantly while enhancing speech signals.

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Open Acoustic Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

A hearing aid that is growing in popularity is the open acoustic behind-the-ear hearing aid (or open acoustic BTE). In the past, hearing aids were placed fully into the ear canal in a way that causes an occlusion effect or hollowness to the wearer's voice. Open acoustic BTEs are tiny hearing aids that sit behind the ear and send sound into the ear canal via a thin tube with a small plastic dome that leaves the ear open. No more echo, much more comfort!

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Bluetooth Technology

A number of hearing aid manufacturers now provide Bluetooth wireless systems that allow you to connect your hearing aid to a number of communication and entertainment devices such as cell phones and iPods. Imagine answering your telephone through your hearing aids and listening in stereo! These wireless devices also can stream an audio signal from your television, GPS or stereo system.

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FM Systems

For those who have significant difficulty hearing speech in the presence of noise or at a distance, FM systems are available that will beam the signal from the source right into your ear. A new FM system, Dynamic FM, will be available soon. It can detect the presence of speech and make sure that it is always 10dB louder than the surrounding noise.

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The Lyric hearing aid is a totally invisible device that is placed deep in the ear canal and is removed every few months for battery changes. That means it can be worn 24-7. It is programmable, and the wearer can adjust the volume as well as the on and off function.

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